W Korea Drops BTS' V's Cover Story - K-Pop Life (2024)

BTSV, also known as Kim Taehyung, has always been a force to reckon with in the music industry. His recent collaboration with W Korea magazine solidified his position as a global icon. It marks the superstar’s debut as Cartier’s global brand ambassador, representing the ‘Panthère de Cartier’ line. The photoshoot is a visual treat, with V blending elegance and sensuality.

But it’s not just the photos that captured netizens’ attention. V’s interview with W Korea provided a candid look into his life. He talked openly about the pressures and thrill of being in the limelight. One of the most intriguing parts of the interview revolved around his debut album, Layover.

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“The entire process was reminiscent of revisiting my early vocal training days,” he said. “I stumbled upon my new vocal identity. Certain tonalities and pronunciations seem to resonate more now. My love for diverse genres often has me humming away. While creating this solo album, I discovered my vocal essence, and that’s what makes me incredibly fulfilled.”

His dedication to his craft was evident in the interview, even when he talked about working with Min Heejin of ADOR, the CEO behind NewJeans.

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“I trust my instincts, but I remain open to the insights of those around me. Both are important to me. I wanted to show a different side of my music compared to my past releases, and collaborating seemed like the best way to achieve that,” he says. “f(x)’s Pink Tape was a big inspiration. I reached out to her when I recalled it. Our discussions were productive, encompassing all the details, and the whole process was seamless. Min Hee Jin brought expertise and sincerity to the table. She has such a warm presence.”

It’s all about ARMY

V also reflected on his personality. He said resilience is one of his core traits. But he acknowledged his vulnerabilities as well, including his tendency to move at his own pace. He realized that may have frustrated some ARMY, which made him feel terrible. That left V with a strong desire to make it up to them however he can.

W Korea VOL. 9 2023 – Eye Contact with V

"Collected the moments of making eye contact with BTS V on the set."


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“While I may not always operate at a rapid pace, there’s a steadfast and unyielding resilience within me, akin to that of a tanker. I tend to move at my own rhythm, which might test ARMY’s patience at times. For instance, with my solo album, the wait was extensive. My initial intention was a release in December of the previous year; but the process was extended, leaving me with an enduring sense of apology,” he said. “It feels like forever since I connected with ARMY on stage. The burning question in my mind is ‘Do I need to diet for this grand return?’ Trust me, that thought was non-stop. It’s all about ARMY. Being in their presence, feeling their energy—that’s paramount.”

W Korea is a feather in V’s cap

But amidst the challenges that come with life in the spotlight, V’s personality remains unchanged at its core. The pursuit of joy is very important to him, whether it involves small things like a nice meal or big things like spending time with the BTS members. Now that they’re currently working on their own projects, V makes it a point to keep up with the others’ achievements. Seeing them excel makes him feel good.

“Every time they hit the stage, I’m proud of how far they’ve come. They bring something fresh and it’s just amazing to see. Honestly, I’ve been all in, soaking up every scene they’ve been in and on,” he shared.

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His LP Layover will be out on September 8. With songs like “Slow Dancing,” “Love Me Again,” and “Rainy Days” generating buzz, it’ll be another feather in his cap—just like this W Korea spread.

Featured Image: V exuded the aura of a panther in his W Korea photoshoot. Source: W Korea.

W Korea Drops BTS' V's Cover Story - K-Pop Life (2024)
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